Yoga Class Timetable

Yoga Timetable

Check out our yoga class program – at our new studio location 15 Anzac St, Takapuna

Classes We Offer 

Beginner Classes

Beginner Introductory
1 hr class held every week on a Wednesday from 12:00 -1:00pm. This class is an excellent way to start your Yoga journey. It incorporates foundational exercises and basic poses and provides an understanding of what Iyengar Yoga is about.

In addition you can attend our 6 week beginner course

Level 1 Beginner
Suitable for students that have done at least four Beginner Introductory Classes or the 6 week course. Level 1 classes move you on from basic poses already learnt. Suitable also for students who have done Iyengar Yoga classes before elsewhere. These are one and a half hour classes.

Intermediate Classes

All Levels 
This level is suitable for a regular and keen student wanting to move up in their knowledge and understanding of the Iyengar Yoga system. Building on the basic poses learnt in the beginner classes, with greater accuracy and holding of poses for longer periods.

Level 2
Students must have had previous experience of Iyengar Yoga and regularly attended the Level 1 or Beginners classes. As well as more advanced poses, inversions are also included at this level. Ideal for a student already practicing Iyengar Yoga regularly. These are one and a half hour classes.

Specialist Classes

Beginners Starter Course : 1.15 hr :  Wednesday 7.45pm – 9.00pm – check out the upcoming dates
This course will give new students an insight and understanding of how correct alignment in simple postures have a powerful effect of freeing up tightness and unnecessary pain and tension in the body through various muscles and joints lacking symmetry.

Private Tuition : Available by arrangement with the Yoga studio. Contact Joy on 021 362 454

Pregnancy : Discuss with the teacher which class would better suit your level of experience.

Inversions are poses that take you upside down. Shoulder stand is taught first often in Level 1. Other examples of inversions are headstand, forearm balance and handstand, these are taught in Level 1-2 classes and up.

Yoga Class Fees

Class Fees and Cards 

  • Casual single class – $25 ($15 if under 15 yrs old)
  • 5 class card – $120
  • 10 class card – $210
  • 20 class card – $400 (utilised within 6 months)

Community Services card or Gold Card holder

  • 10 class concession card – $190*
  • 20 class concession card – $370 (utilised within 60 days)

Beginner Course – 6 weeks

  • $145 for 6 weeks

Private Tuition – for all levels

  • Available by arrangement with the Yoga studio. Contact Joy on 021 362 454 

Online payments

If wanting to pay online please use bank details below;
Acct Number: 12 3019 0596274 00