Welcome to North Shore Iyengar Yoga Centre

North Shore Iyengar Yoga Centre provides a relaxed, friendly and intimate environment with fully Certified and experienced Iyengar Yoga teachers. We use props (bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps) where necessary to ensure students are correctly positioned and to minimise the potential for injury so often neglected by other styles of yoga.

Fully Certified Iyengar Teachers
Experienced and fully certified Iyengar Teachers with focused and well planned classes.

All Yoga Student Levels
From Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced we have Yoga classes that cater for all levels of experience and capability.

Pregnancy and Rehabilitation
Pregnancy, Injury recovery and Restorative classes which assist motion and rehabilitation but without over exertion and harm.

Yoga Centre Open Since 1996
The longest running Iyengar Yoga Centre on the North Shore, stretching the body and mind since 1996

Where it all began

Joy opened North Shore Yoga in May 1996 after seeing a need for a full-time Iyengar Yoga School on the North Shore. Joy has been involved with Iyengar Yoga since 1984 when her own back problem brought her to yoga and found that the Iyengar Yoga system was the best thing for structurally realigning skeletal and muscular problems that were causing the back problem in the first place.

Joy has found yoga to be a life changing experience for a lot of students, especially when a person is in a lot of pain when they first come to yoga and find that yoga can give tremendous relief to problem areas like she found in herself with yoga. It is such a complete system for body, mind and soul and anyone can do yoga anywhere, at any age and any condition.

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Our Students Say it Best
  • Using ropes as a prop it was possible to attempt / achieve postures that might have not been accessible and I came away feeling so much taller, more open in so many parts of my body and best of all a peaceful and happy mind. It was so much fun and challenging too and highly recommend it to all those yogi minded folks out there! –Carolyn

  • So glad I went to the rope workshop. It was challenging but fun. Afterwards I felt more open and lighter.and feel more confident using the rope to assist me with the asanas. –Barbara

  • Jane was the most beautiful instructor to have during my pregnancy as her teaching was so compassionate and nurturing. I'm now coming on Monday nights and, whilst I miss Jane, I love Glenn's teaching for where I'm at now - it's more intense and I feel strong and vital when I leave his class. I just adore your studio and all the teachers. –Tui

  • Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. You put a great programme together. It is so good to do a longer more educational class. –Anna

  • I had been struggling with back pain for years and finally got round to giving Yoga a go. 6 weeks in and I am hooked. My back has improved and I can now even touch my toes! –Brian Slade, 34

  • I've been coming to North Shore Iyengar Yoga Centre for 5 years and love the approach Joy and the rest of the teachers - handson and encouraging while still making us work hard. –Sarah

  • Best teachers and Yoga classes on the North Shore with warm and welcoming Yoga Studio - thanks Joy and the team –Jenna Symes, 43