North Shore Yoga – 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Over 20 Years in the making.

A hearty congratulation to Joy Sanders for running her successful business – an Iyengar Yoga centre – located on Auckland’s North Shore in Takapuna for a fabulous total of 20 years.
Not only that – she has managed to stay at the same location for the whole duration.

I hope you all know the yoga studio there – a bright, fresh and well equipped studio, managed solely by Joy and full of conscientious Iyengar trained teachers and students. It is probably the only studio to have stayed open for this long in the same location!
Joy and the studio has served the Iyengar yoga community well by not only this but by bringing & organising teachers to come regularly from overseas. Joy estimates over 100 workshops, yoga days and teacher training sessions have been held in the studio. And North Shore Yoga centre has fully trained and produced 12 Iyengar qualified Teachers.

Yoga numbers.

The centre runs 18 classes a week across 4 levels run by 9 qualified teachers.

  • Over 20 years that would be more than 30,000 hours of yoga!
  • 20 years X 50 weeks of full time classes ends up being a sum of:
  • 1020 hours a year X 30 hours a week = 30,000 hours of teaching Iyengar Yoga

…and still passionate and loving it and going strong! Phenomenal work!

From Mothers Day 1996 to today.

North Shore Yoga first opened on mother’s day 1996 – Joy can still remember being really concerned that maybe no-one would turn up … but her first class was a success and never once has Joy looked back …. Twenty years ago yoga was not the health buzz word that is mentioned everywhere from fashion to sports ….
Joy attended Guruji’s first & only classes in Auckland & remembers him well:

“ I can still remember Guruji walking past me whilst teaching 400 students in 1992 & saying to me specifically ‘lift from your pubis not your sternum’ “ at that point we were all in the middle stage of an intense standing pose called Utthita Parsvottanasana

What could be better than serving the community a huge slice of health & refreshment by supplying the best quality yoga on this planet!

The studio will be having celebratory events on during mid-September – please feel free to come along.

Namaste to Joy & her team at North shore yoga.

The last words I want to come from Joy is her favourite quote from Guruji:

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and to endure what cannot be cured.”